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About Siemens


Wittelsbacherplatz 2

D-80333 Munich


+49 89 636 00

+49 89 636-52 000 (fax)



Siemens Energy and Automation

1201 Sumneytown Pike

Springhouse, PA  19477

[1] 215 646-7400

[1] 215 646-3547


Siemens ranks among the largest companies in the world.  The company is a manufacturer of pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), drives, and many other automation products.  Siemens is based in Germany.  It was founded in 1847.  In fiscal 2007, Siemens generated sales of more than €68.6 billion (US$101.7 billion) compared to €61.8 billion in 2006.  The company had 398,000 employees in continuing operations in 2007, down from 426,000 in 2002.


The history of Siemens goes back to 1847, when the Siemens & Halske Telegraph Company was founded in Berlin.  Wilhelm Siemens took over this company in 1850.  In 1897, Siemens & Halske became Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, a stock corporation.  During World War II, Siemens suffered severe losses, totaling about 80 percent of company resources.  Siemens AG was founded in 1966.  In 1989, a major reorganization was completed, resulting in 15 groups, two special divisions, two legally independent units, and 12 corporate divisions. 

In February 2000, Siemens Energy and Automation and Moore Process Automation Solutions announced a merger.  Siemens purchased the outstanding common stock of Moore for $54.71 a share.  Donald Bogle serves as president and CEO of Siemens-Moore.  Siemens also purchased Milltronics, a supplier of level instrumentation based in Canada and the United States.  Siemens has also bought Applied Automation.

In September 2004, Siemens purchased the flowmeter division from Danfoss, including Danfoss’ magnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters.

As of January 1, 2008, Siemens was divided into the following three general business segments:

· Energy – Includes power and heat

· Industry – Production, logistics automation, and building productivity

· Healthcare – Support diagnoses and therapies


These three business segments include the following basic industry applications:


· Information and Communications

· Automation and Control

· Power (includes Heat)

· Transportation

· Medical

· Lighting

“Automation and Control”, whose Groups are Automation and Drives (A&D), Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S), and Siemens Building Technologies, provides products, systems and solutions for industrial and building automation as well as infrastructure installations.  A&D supplies standard products for the manufacturing and processing industries, electrical installation technology, and system- and sector-specific automation solutions.  I&S offers comprehensive solutions and services for industrial plants and infrastructure systems.


Siemens has 50,000 product families and about one million products.  Some 80 percent of their products have been developed over the past five years.  Siemens products fall into the following categories:

· Automation

· Automotive systems

· Building security

· Communication networks

· Communication switches

· Components and semiconductors

· Computers

· Healthcare

· Household appliances

· Lighting

· Mobile devices

· Telephones

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